You can pick a service from this list, depending on what you need, or contact me for a bespoke quotation. 

Online coaching  – €90 / 1 hour

Should you need to decorate one room or should you have a specific issue with your renovation, we can discuss it over Skype. I will give you my advice to enhance the layout and/or the decoration of the room(s). 

The at-home visit- €180 for Paris zone 1 and 2 / €210 Zones 3 and 4

This at-home visit will allow is to talk about your needs and wishes for your home.During this visit, I will give you a lot of advice on the layout of your rooms, on potential renovation and on refurbishing and decorating of course. I will then send you a recap of the visit, with my proposals and advice.

Very often, that visit is enough to provide you with solutions.

The one-room refurbishing €390 (at-home visit + floorplans + shopping list)

After visiting your home, I will pick all the furniture and accessories for you, and send you 2D floorplans and a shopping list. 

The personal shopping service €80 per hour

I will either go with you to shops or go for you if you don’t have the time. I will pick the furniture, accessories or renovation material (tiles, floors, paint…) if you’re going for a full renovation. 

The layout service €60 per hour

After the shopping, I will place your new items in your home.

The renovation follow-up €60 per hour

If you want, I can organise the different steps of renovation and follow-up with the company in charge. I have been working with different reliable companies for a few years and can introduce them to you if you need.  

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