Home organiser and interior designer: my global method

If you think you don’t have enough storage or that your home is too small, chances are you are just lacking some good storage advice.

My home organising method is inspired by the KonMari method and an approach in interior decorating. I am convinced that a tidy interior isn’t enough to feel well in it, if it is not perfectly laid out and doesn’t reflect the taste of its occupants.

That is why my global method won’t stop with home organising coaching, I will also provide you with advice on how to lay out your space and organising everything according to it and your needs.

During the home visit, we will take a look at what causes you a problem of organsation, and I will give you a list of things to do after my visit to solve unitidiness. I can also provide you with 2D plans and moodboards depending on the global project.

If you need actual help on sorting things, I can also help you on that, room after room.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk about your interior !