Have you just moved to Paris or would you like to invest here? Have you been here for a while but you’re tired of your home decoration? In any case, you may need a professionnal point of view to feel well in your home.

I can help with the layout of the flat or the furniture, I can give you ideas, I can guide you with what is best for your interior.

I can even help with French bureaucracy if you are looking to rent or buy a place.

Whatever your problem is, and either if you are a tenant or owner, I am sure I can help you with it.

My specialty? Small parisian spaces, which often need a professional look to reveal their potential !


Clotilde, specialist in small spaces, I have been advising, decorating and refurbishing all types of flats and houses for 10 years ! Meilleurs décorateurs d’intérieur à Paris 01